Lighting a lamp is an important tradition followed by Hindus. Divine energy is felt of which auspiciousness spreads across the home. Light is a symbol of Goddess Laxmi. Lighting a lamp brings prosperity and fertility around us. As we all know light gives clarity of vision, lighting a lamp removes darkness around us and brings glory to us. In the olden days, our ancestors used to light lamps in bronze or silver. Once the lamp is lit, it is always good to decorate the lamp with kumkum and sandal that enhance the beauty of the lamp. 

There are several slokas to chant while lighting a lamp. Let’s now see some of the important and effective slokas! 

Ganesha sloka for lighting a lamp

It is always advised to chant a small mantra and please Lord Ganesh before starting any work so that there won’t be any struggle in your work forever. 

ஓம் மஹா கணபதய் நமஹா||

Sloka for prosperity 

ஸுபம் கரோதி கல்யாணம் ஆரோக்யம் தநஸம்பத: 

ஸத்ருபுத்திவிநாஸாய தீபஜ்யோதிர் நமோஸ்துதே .

This sloka means to say that the light shall clear off the ignorance and bring prosperity, happiness, and wealth to us.

Laxmi sloka for lighting a lamp

தீப தேவி மகா தேவி சுபம் பவது மே சதா||

This means the goddess of the lamp is Laxmi herself and as we lit the lamp and worship Laxmi she will bless us forever with happiness and prosperity.

General sloka for lighting a lamp


தீபஜோதி பரபிரம்ம

தீபா சர்வ தமோபாஹா

தீபேனா சாத்யாதே சரம்

சந்தியா டீப்போ நமோஸ்துதே||

 The meaning of the mantra is, as a human, I bow before the Lord, who created the universe, in the form of this light. I respect this light, which destroys all the pains around me and gives me clarity

Sloka for success in Tamil

சுபம் கரோதி கல்யாணம்

ஆரோக்கியம் தான சம்பதா

சத்ரு புத்த வினாஷய

தீபா ஜோதிர் நமோஸ்துதே||

This sloka means to say that before starting any work am worshiping Lord via Light by which God will be forever with me until the end of the work and bring success to me.

FAQs for lighting a lamp

Do you know that lighting a lamp has a procedure to follow to reap benefits? Here we are sharing the procedure and we strongly believe that prosperity is on its way. 

When to light a lamp?

Always the good time to welcome God is early morning. Brahma Muhurtham is considered to be the best time to light a lamp and pray to God. Morning 6 am or before and evening by 6 pm it is good to lit lamps at home.

How to light a lamp?

As light gives us a clear vision we must be clean and pure before lighting a lamp. It’s always advised to bathe before lighting a lamp which makes us even spiritually clean.

Where to light a lamp?

We follow our ancestor’s method of lighting a lamp in front of the God/Goddess picture by offering mala to the Gods. The Superior gets pleased with this action. 

In Hindu tradition, a lamp is lit in front of the main door of the home which symbolizes destroying the darkness and welcoming GOD in the form of light.

Start lighting a lamp and let your life get brighter like the sun!