The word Mrithyunjayam means longevity without fear. There are many mantras in the Hindu religion to worship the Lord of Destruction- the almighty Lord shiva.

Why chant Maha Mrithyunjayam mantra?

Maha Mrithyunjayam mantra is considered to be the most powerful mantra to get the blessings of Lord shiva. On praying with the full belief, the mantra adds calmness to your soul and acts as a healing force within yourself by which it supports your growth. It also uplifts you always whenever you are in trouble. Mrithyunjayam mantra ensures longevity and lets you get rid of the fear of the unknown. 

Fear of failure and fear of death are common fears encountered by every human. Are you one among them? It is said that the Mrithyunjayam mantra can heal mankind from all forms of fear. 

The story of Mrithunjayar is very famous and even found in Rig Vedha, which is one of the ancient scriptures of India.

Maha Mrithyunjayam sloka in Tamil


Story of Mrithyunjayam

The story goes like this – Once a couple, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, was Childless. On severe penance, Lord Shiva appeared himself in front of them and granted them a boon. The boon has two choices, they had to choose between a child who will be born to them and live as a self-absorbed one or a child who will live only for 16 years but he will be a very obedient and God-fearing one.

The couple chose the 2nd choice and named the child Markendeyar. Markendeyar was very close to his parents and very faithful to Lord Shiva. Every day, he used to Pray to Lord shiva with full belief, and on seeing this, his parents were extremely happy. Just a few days before Markendeyar’s 16th birthday the family revealed the sorrowful news of how Markendeya was born.

On his 16th birthday, Lord Yama, the deity of death, approached Markandeya to fulfill his duty of taking Markendeya’s life. On seeing Lord Yama, Markandeya rushed and hugged Lord Shiva whom he was praying in the form of Lingam. Lord Yama threw his noose to catch Markendaya but by mistake, he captured Lingam Lord Shiva with Markendayar. On seeing all of this, Lord Shiva became furious and appeared to save Markandeya, and kicked Lord Yama to death.

On seeing Markandeya’s faithfulness to him, Lord Shiva blessed him with longevity and that’s how Markandeyar was named Mrithyunjayar which means the one who has victory over death.

Can we chant the Mrithyunjaya mantra for others?

We can chant it but there are a few regulations related to the time of chanting, the number of times the mantra is chanted, and the way the puja is done. 

Let’s take a look at them.

  • Wake up early in the morning and take bath. Auspicious time for chanting this mantra is at Brahma Muhurtham that is between 4.30 am to 6 am.
  • Offer prayers to Lord Ganesha in mind.
  • Wear white color clothes, as white signifies the purity of Lord Shiva
  • Sit facing east or northeast direction.
  • Light a lamp.

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  • Meditate for few minutes.
  • Then offer prayers to Lord Shiva. 

Can we chant the Maha Mrithyunjaya mantra during periods?

It is recommended not to chant during periods as Vedic mantras generate energy that can produce stress and heat to women thereby resulting in hormonal imbalance.